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Security Supervisor
Manage the Security staff. He is totally responsible of insuring the security of human beings.
Mechanical Technician
Variety of machine tools to produce precision parts and instruments.
Electrical Engineer
To follow up electrical activities during machines operation and overhauls as well, and fix or try to fix electrical problems observing maintenance KPIS, taking into consideration safety of personnel and machines during his shift .
Electrical Technician
Repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures.
Safety Officer
Coordinate safety programs, requiring application of engineering principles.
BIS Specialist
Administrate and support implemented information systems. & Develop required objects.
Process Engineer
Within the framework of the plant’s production objectives and methods and of the quality and environmental objectives, his/her missions are to study and implement systems / tools / procedures to optimise the production process and to lead the continuous performance optimisation team.
Mechanical Engineer
To follow up mechanical maintenance team daily activities during machines operation and on overhauls as well, and to follow up the execution of daily mechanical maintenance activity, as well as the execution of mechanical preparations for small and big overhauls.

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